Roadmap of OnePlus Smartphone Launches and their Pricing for 2022

OnePlus future information and schedule for launching latest smartphones in India.

Roadmap of OnePlus Smartphone Launches and their Pricing for 2022

Earlier in the month onplus has confirmed to launch their premium phone OnePlus 10 Pro by the end of March.

Thers a new roadmap of OnePlus has surfaced online having the latest information. If the sources are to be believed, OnePlus is being prepared for the launch of atleast five more mobile phones in the next coming six months still sepetmeber. 

OnePlus is to bring Nord CE 2 Lite in the month of April, also in the same month OnePlus planned to launch OnePlus Nord 2T

In the Month of May, we can expect the launch of OnePlus 10R, which is the successor of OnePlus 9RT. In the same month OnePlus is expected to put forward OnePlus Nord 3. There is no proper confirmation of it's name, as per the sources we have they could name it either Nord 3 or Nord Pro

Arround September OnePlus is expected to launch their ultra premium phone which will be either called as OnePlus 10 Pro Plus or the OnePlus 10 Ultra.

To our surprise this is for the first time in the company's history to launch so many phones in a year.

We are afraid, if all these phones launched in 2022, as per the tipped road map, there can be a uncertainity over the prices due the fact that still the chipset supply is bad around the world.

However OnePlus has not made any official confirmation on how many devices they are going to launch in this year. If they do so, we can expect some teasers of new phoned almost a month before the launch.

So far, we have only confirmation that OnePlus 10 Pro is coming to India by the end of this march. 

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