Will Smith Banned From OSCARS

Will Smith won't be permitted to attend the Academy Awards in the next 10 year due to his slapping comedian Chris Rock on the Oscar ceremony stage

Will Smith Banned From OSCARS

Will Smith won't be permitted to attend the Academy Awards in the next 10 year due to his slapping comedian Chris Rock on the Oscar ceremony stage"The Board has determined that Mr. Smith will not be allowed to attend any Academy events and programs for a period starting on April 8, 2022," said Academy President David Rubin, CEO Dawn Hudson in a Friday statement.

This decision was taken at a Board of Governors meeting that took place in Los Angeles earlier in the day. After Smith's resignation last week, the meeting was moved to April 18.

Smith made a concise and quick statement about his Oscar ban for the following decade.

The Academy added that the 94th Oscars were intended to celebrate the many people in our community who did amazing work over the past year. However, these moments were overshadowed and ruined by the unacceptable behavior Mr. Smith displayed on stage.

The letter stated that "During our television broadcast, we failed to adequately address the situation in this room." We are sorry for this. We had the opportunity to show the world that we are capable of leading by example, but we failed to do so.

In a prior statement, the Board of Governors stated that they want the matter " dealt with in a timely manner.

Smith's resignation signifies that he will no longer be part of the Academy voting body. Smith can still be nominated, despite not being allowed to attend the Oscars. This is because the Oscars' "standards of conduct rules" that are in effect today "doesn't apply to awards eligibility,"

The best actor award winner from the previous year is usually presented to the best actress award for the current year. In addition, the best actor trophy goes to the reigning best actress. The Oscars will have a new tradition to break with Smith's ban.

What Happened? And What's Next

Rock was struck by the actor while he was presenting at Academy Awards on March 27, after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s close-cropped hair.

Pinkett Smith is suffering from hair loss caused by alopecia.

Rock has not spoken publicly in detail about the incident.

Rock made an appearance at , a comedy show in Boston, days after the incident. He said that he didn't know much about the events and had a show that he wrote before this weekend. I still have a lot to process, so I will talk about it. It will be serious, it'll also be funny, but for now, I'm going with some jokes."

Smith publicly apologised to Rock on the day following the incident via social media.

Smith also reached out to Will Packer the next morning, apologizing and expressing his shame, "Good Morning America" reported. "

Packer stated that officers from Los Angeles Police Department were ready to arrest Smith for battery during the interview with "GMA," but Rock said he did not want that.

The Academy expressed its deep gratitude to Mr. Rock in a letter.

The letter concluded that "This is an action we're taking today to respond to Will Smith’s behavior" and was a step towards a bigger goal of protecting the safety and security of our performers, guests and restoring trust within the Academy. We also hope that this will begin a period of healing and restoration for everyone involved and impacted.

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